Older children often pack their own carry on, and no matter how irrational the contents may seem to us parents, they are usually pretty content with it themselves. But toddlers and little kids need help, otherwise you could end up bringing 15 pairs of socks and a teddy bear. Here’s a list to help guide to to a stress free trip in the air or on the road.

  1. Backpack your child has helped to pack with colours and paper, little light paper books (pixi) and of course all the other things on the list.
  2. Wet wipes – they are a lifesaver in any emergency. Anywhere. Anytime.
  3. Food that can withstand heat and pressure – like tangerines, carrots, biscuits and homemade foods – something you know your child likes. And will eat, becuase you don’t want a kid going low blood sugar crazy at 30,000 feet.
  4. Water bottle – fill water in accordance with security – it’s easier for the kids to drink from. Also less messy.
  5. A teddy bear – the smell and feel of something familiar is calming.
  6. A camera – eg. polaroid – fun, and makes it easy to talk about experiences
  7. Change of clothes – children spill things. All the time.
  8. A good Spork or other cutlery – mess is always a factor and these limit what is eaten with dirty fingers.
  9. Headphones and tablet – let the kids get absorbed and buy yourself a little quiet time or time to help out the other kids. Even though we know multitasking is a parent’s best job description.
  10. First Aid Kit – thermometer, band-aids, children paracetamol, antiseptic creme, lotion, children’s nose drops or spray, HAND SANITIZER (!)etc.

So now your toddler/little child is set.

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